About Me

Hi, I'm Jo Parker. I'm the Principal Coach at Love You & Me. So what qualifies me to be providing advice in the areas of life, love and business? Well, I have a couple of qualifications that certainly help. First, a Bachelor of Business Studies and later, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. My main interests in business lie in branding and creativity. In psychology, I focus on social psychology and positive psychology. My whole life, I've been fascinated by a question my entire life - "What makes people tick?".

I've had a successful career in business doing all sorts of wonderful things, but primarily marketing, communications and branding. The common thread - the 'thing' I've always done best throughout my career and business life - has always been people. Understanding them, helping them understand each other, communicate better and reach their own goals. 

I'm also known for something - if I want to do something, I do it. Nothing irks me more than someone who wants to do something - sometimes really badly - but they hold themselves back. I love helping people move past those self-imposed restraints to be able to do that thing they want to do. 

I don't claim to be perfect. Far from it in fact! I believe being perfect is, well, boring. What I can promise you is that by working with me through coaching or workshops, you will get my full energy, commitment and everything I've learned during a fairly full life so far.  All packaged up in a really fun, authentic and engaging way. My enthusiasm will rub off on you - it's almost inevitable. Life is short. Let's get started.