Our coaching covers life, love and business. In Life we focus on you as an individual. In Love we focus on you in relationships - whether it's getting into one, staying in one, or getting over one! In the area of Business we focus on you as the entrepreneur or leader, and your business as a brand

In other words, we are here to help you do that thing you want to do!

How we can help:

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Crucial in all three areas of life, love and business, how you feel about yourself and how comfortable you feel in the world, is key to your success and enjoyment of life. Available in coaching and in workshop format, give yourself a huge upgrade in life with a boost to your self esteem and confidence!

Stress Management and Wellbeing

Life has never been more demanding - or potentially more exciting. You can learn the tools to turn anxiety into excitement and fear into motivation. If you're finding yourself caught up in the rat race, never getting a chance to stop and really enjoy life, this is the coaching or workshop for you. 

Purpose - Finding Yourself

A big title, this one is as big as you want it to be. Did you have a dream once that you've given up on? Or do you have no clue what it is you're supposed to be doing with your life but you're pretty sure it is supposed to be more/bigger/better? Have you lost yourself to a role - mother, wife or career woman? Find your way back to yourself with this coaching or workshop. 

Finding Love

For single men and women - a fun mix of practical tips and bigger picture ideas about how to find love. Not getting enough swipes to the right? Identifying what you are doing right (and wrong) and fun, low-stress ways to help navigate the dating minefield. In workshop format, the separate workshops for men and woman end with a fun mix and mingle at the end of the day to try out your new skills! 

Couples 'Therapy Lite' 

Most couples don't need anything as serious as a counsellor. In fact some just need a referee! But (sort of) seriously, what most couples could do with is help communicating better, help understanding each other more, and help bringing the fun back into their relationship. Not too heavy, this is a great and fun way to work on your relationship and keep things fresh. Can be done separately or together. 

Love Your Business!

Branding guidance to bring the love back into your business. You'll love your business more. Your customers will love your business more. It's win-win. Not your typical branding and marketing advice - this is the real stuff - not the spin. We also focus on you, as entrepreneur and leader. Especially if you find yourself getting lost in your business.


Leadership is crucial in today's world. Leadership of yourself, and others. I can provide you with one-to-one coaching or in-house corporate work with you individually, and your team. Also perfect if you're looking to move into a leadership role or are an entrepreneur with a small team. 

It always seems impossible until it is done.
— Nelson Mandela