We will be offering public workshops throughout 2018. If you have a group or would like an in-house workshop at your place of business, we may well be able to help. Get in touch with us to discuss options. See below for workshops in our three key areas - life, love, and business. For upcoming events click here

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We will be offering workshops during 2018 in the areas of your own life that we most need help. Venues and dates TBC. Let us know which areas most appeal to you, including self-esteem/confidence, stress-management/wellbeing, finding your purpose and time management. The next workshop is on confidence in Palmerston North! Read more here about our other work.


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From time to time we will be running singles workshops with a difference in your area! Next up, a confidence boost in Palmy!

These are really fun and engaging workshops designed to teach you some well-researched tips and tricks about how on earth to meet the love of your life! Ladies first with a morning workshop and the men come next with an afternoon workshop. And to practice your newly learned approach to dating, a mix and mingle that night to try out your new flirting techniques! We promise this isn't too cheesy - it's just a great way to learn what the opposite sex is looking for. You'll get specific feedback on the night about what you are doing right and what you could be doing better. 

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Being in business isn't easy. We run business workshops for people already in business or wanting to get into business. With a strong focus on brand and marketing (but not the typical stuff!) we can teach you to inject some creativity and energy into your new or existing business. We also focus on you as the entrepreneur and leader. These workshops can also be run in-house for a workshop more closely aligned to your own business needs.